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June 15, 2012

Trailer: Pitch Perfect

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You can always tell when a “film fad” has begun and while the Zombie and Vampire trends have lost some steam, it looks like musicals are on the rise. I’m not talking about the musical originals like “Chicago,” I’m talking about cover songs being sung with a choir club twist. With the success of the show “Glee,” Hollywood is milking the “cash cow” for all it’s worth. Check out the trailer below for the latest movie to follow this trend, “Pitch Perfect.”


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Okay so Anna Kendrick is in this? I’m a little disappointed, yes she’s done “Twilight” but it was a minor role. I’m hoping this is just “one for the studios” because I think she has some potential from her roles in films like “50/50” and “Up In The Air.” As “Rock of Ages” focused on 80s music, “Pitch Perfect” is sounding like it may be focusing on the 90s which may heighten the success of this film if “Rock of Ages” does well at the box office. I don’t see this film performing too well, but it did bring back some memories when I heard “No Diggity.” If I saw this film I would be hiding in the back row of the theater with a hoodie and sunglasses reminiscing about the 90s as I quietly hummed along…haha.

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