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August 1, 2012

Trailer: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1

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I don’t often express my appreciation for the DC Animated movies. Not enough anyway. The DC Animated movies are the collection of solace for fans of the DC characters whom crave to see their favorite characters in a sort of cinematic form. I’ve been quietly waiting for the release of their upcoming film “The Dark Knight Returns” which is based on the Frank Miller series of the same name. I’ve often been impressed with the care and effort poured into these films and I’m borderline giddy after the release of this new trailer for the movie:




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I always cringe a little when I hear Batman sound like anybody but Kevin Conroy but I can get used to that for 1 movie. I like everything and I’m hoping that the powers that be controlling the live action Batman franchise take note as I still feel that this is a great source of inspiration of ideas. That’s all for now…


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  • djkitts

    @cmefird saw it. Can’t wait for that!

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