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April 4, 2012

Watch the Black Widow whoop ass in the opening scene of ‘The Avengers’

— Posted by The "Superior" Anthony

Joss Whedon knows what we want and it appears that the guy is getting a bit care-free with the amount of clips and scenes from the film that are being unleashed on the public. A new scene has emerged that showcases Agent Coulson speakign with a fairly angry Natasha Romnoff dealing out cants of ass whoopings to some poor fools in her immediate surroundings.

God I like her when she’s angry. Is that wrong? Tied up in a chair and then panting at the end. Something about that woman…

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  • methos84

    I’m looking forward to the movie, but with this clip all I see is jiggling breasts and sloppy fight choreography. Only one of those is acceptable. ;-)

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— Tom Hiddelston as Loki from The Avengers, 2012