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July 19, 2012

What if Marc Webb didn’t direct The Amazing Spider-Man sequel?

— Posted by The "Superior" Anthony



That hypothetical question may become a reality sooner than some may think as the word is going around that Marc Webb might be a bit pre-occupied when time comes for a sequel. I’m not just blowing wind out of my ass, this is being reported directly from the President of Columbia Pictures!


Columbia president Douglas Belgrad, he revealed that the (500) Days of Summer director may be pulled away due to a contract with Fox to make another film for them. He admitted, “we’d really like him back, but there are obstacle.” There’s no telling what the film would be, but Webb did reveal that he’s working with Black Swan co-writer Mark Heyman on a new film that centers on a “a post-apocalyptic society where all the adults have died and a group of teens sets about trying to establish a new society.” Now that they’ve got the needless reboot story out of the way, I wouldn’t mind see Webb return to the franchise to craft something more engaging. I was hoping more of a specific directorial touch from him in this first film, as many sequences nearly felt crafted by the studio themselves.


Aww. Marc Webb might now return to make another “serviceable” Spider-Man film? Whatever shall we do? Must we find someone willing to actually direct a film without plot holes, cut scenes, and a severe issue as a contrarian? Shucks. They might actually find a way to get me to say something nice about a Spider-Man film if they do that.


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