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July 11, 2012

What is Item 47?

— Posted by The Amazing Anthony


What is Item 47? According to the folks over at Marvel Films it’s a valuable item left behind when the Avengers had that little alien thing going on in Manhattan. You know the one where there was that giant hole in the sky and those frat-like guys came through it being dicks? Yeah, apparently one or more of them had a weird weapon of some sort that got found by some New Yorkers and Marvel plans to tell their story when the Avengers hit Blu-Ray. In preperation and promotion of that additional short film Marvel has released a new poster to help promote. It’s minimal, but effective for those of us who have most of the Avengers posters forever ingrained in our brains.


Via: Latino Review

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  • Royal

    Great idea.  But the design of the weapon itself looks overly complicated or over-stylized for some reason.  I know the weapon should look interesting for the movie, but let’s not forget that it’s a weapon that has to be carried and work in all kinds of environments.  As such, every single part should be vital to its proper functioning.  This thing here just looks cartoonish.  
    ALL that aside, I’m totally excited to see the One-Shot!  Keep ‘em coming, Marvel!

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