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March 5, 2013

Get in here and watch this New Iron Man 3 trailer NOW!

— Posted by Elliot Hopper



The new Iron Man trailer has hit the web, bottomline – it looks cool. While the first trailer gave a glimpse into the main villian Mandarin and playing on the effects of the Avengers storyline to the Tony Stark character. This trailer is a bit more spoiler heavy teasing, actually just showing some of the major scenes of the film, the extremis storyline, the suit of armors in battle, the ‘Hulkbuster’ and so forth. Iron Man 3 hits the theatres on May 3. It’ll be the first film since The Avengers and I think frankly marks where Marvel actually goes. By that I mean so much time was spent builing up towards The Avengers, with the initiative finally setup more can be done now pushing these well known characters even further.



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11 thoughts on “Get in here and watch this New Iron Man 3 trailer NOW!

  1. Guys, can you somehow….I dunno, change the player of the videos? It  really isn’t the best one out there – the quality isn’t exactly HD and also the sound is kinda hard to adjust at first. I have no idea if it is possible, but IMHO it would be great if you can come up with a new player for all these videos. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • FanboyOfNone I typically provide a 480p video as the max resolution to keep loading times to a minimum, but I have no problem switching that to 720p if there’s a demand.

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