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November 26, 2013

Magneto may have killed JFK by bending the bullet

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Magneto killed JFK? That’s what they’re saying at The site goes into detail about a conspiracy theory that Magneto was the one that curved Lee Harvey Oswald’s bullet so that it killed President John F. Kennedy. The viral video is definitely related to X-Men: Days of Future Past but we don’t know if the story will be incorporated into the film at all. Even if it’s not, it is definitely a cool idea and I have to commend these guys for such a unique concept. Take a look at the video and surrounding media below.



“Half a century ago, Magneto was implicated in the mutant plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. The events of that fateful day in November have been a point of contention between humans and the mutants ever since. After years of incarceration, do you think Magneto is guilty or innocent? Tell us why in the comments.”

Via: The Bent Bullet




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