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February 12, 2013

Oh God, now they’re TEASING Iron Man 3 Posters

— Posted by The "Superior" Anthony

I am intrigued by this upcoming Iron Man film and have been a big supporter of production and promotion thus far… but this is just downright insulting/annoying/areyouf’nkiddinme. A tease of the upcoming new character poster featuring Don Cheadle has been made available online, and I only know it’s Don Cheadle cus he’s black. Don’t get it? Look for yourself:



See. that shit right there is annoying.  I see Cheadle’s eyes and what appears to be the War Machine gatling gun on his back but that’s about it. Tomorrow is the full reveal…


Source: Cinemablend



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  • HeSaidICS

    Yeah, that’s pretty ridiculous.  Disney/Marvel knows they already have us sitting and waiting like a well trained puppy for any news or photos or trailers for these films.  But now it’s starting to feel like we can see the treat, but they won’t give it to us.  It is really annoying.

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