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September 4, 2013

Prisoners Media OVERLOAD

— Posted by The "Superior" Anthony

Warner Bros has a nice habit of unleashing tidal waves of images right before the release of some of their films and found no exception of their new film “Prisoners” starring Wolverine and the Prince of Persia. I know some of you guys aren’t overwhelmingly interested in this stuff, which is why it’s typically only found on our facebook page now, but I figured a film starring a comic book and videogame character could be an exception to the rule.  Check em out:



Kinda interesting, but I’m on the fence. Few movies are motivating me to leave my house in September but maybe…just maybe. I just don’t know how I feel about Jake G. On one hand he’s the Prince of Persia and on the other hand he’s a badass in End of Watch. I’m just not sure which hand this film falls. We’ll see…


Source: Warner Bros.

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