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June 2, 2013

The first shots of The Winter Soldier from the Captain America set

— Posted by The "Superior" Anthony

I don’t keep it much of a secret that Captain America: The Winter Soldier is among my highest anticipated comic related films this year. The ‘What is Robin turned on Batman’ esque storyline here is something that was pretty damn popular in the comic books and I can’t wait to see how the story is translated into the Marvel Cinematic universe. Well we can kick things off with our first spy shot from the set of the movie showing Sebastian Stan in full costume and mask:




That’s a pretty damn good look for Stan.  If they can match the implied intensity of this story, coupled with Steve Rogers still attempting to get acclimated to living in our society, and we have a damn good recipe for success.



Can’t wait to see more! That’s all for now…


Source: Geek Tyrant and AICN





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