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April 2, 2014

a Red Band Sex Tape

— Posted by The "Superior" Anthony



I’m not the biggest Jason Segal fan around but from time to time I think the guy is genuinely funny. Cameron Diaz on the other hand often impresses me just with her staying power rather than her comedic proficiency. I mean, its been over 15 years since ‘there was something about Mary’ yet she still manages to land these roles as a 30 something rom com leading woman when most predicted that she 5 year “expiration date” AT MAX.


That being said, check out their new trailer for Sex Tape! seems kinda funny but I hope they didn’t reveal the best jokes here in the trailer…



that’s all for now…


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  • buddhifree

    Again. Love the care with which Anthony writes his posts.

    • The Amazing Anthony

      Toe-knee like u 2

      • buddhifree

        Love the care with which Tony corrects his posts. Really, is this guy for real?

        TMB used to be a respectable blog under John Campea. I wonder where that sort of attention to quality, content and basic English grammar has gone to.

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