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February 9, 2013

Guest Post: In the Driving Seat – Unsung Heroes Behind the Wheel

— Posted by Liam Fisher

  Who do we remember from our blockbusters? The stars, sometimes the director, maybe the producer or cameraman if they’re especially hot right now. But what about everyone else? The…

January 4, 2013

Guest Post: Is there a future for the ‘Brick and Mortar’ cinema?

— Posted by Liam Fisher

  Are we nearing the end of cinema? Not the concept of movies and ‘watching things on screens’, but the act of going out into town, finding a venue and…

“Dear Lillian, soon I hope to take you on a Caribbean cruise, where we can hold hands on a soft summer's evening and watch that old Jamaican moon. Why that old Jamaican will be mooning us, I have no idea.”

— John Turturro as Roland T. Flakfizer from Brain Donors, 1992